8 Course Degustation w/ Drinks for $88!

8 course degustation for $88 – with matched drinks. Sound too good to be true? Well! You’re in for a lucky surprise.

Lucky 88, hosted by Rice Paper Sister are hosting 8 special dishes with 8 matching drinks for only $88 on the second Sunday of every month!

We were lucky enough to be invited to ‘Luna New Year’ the Vietnamese infusion, the next up and coming events will be Sugbahan BBQ – Filipino fun on March 18 and Songkran – Get ya Thai on, on April 15!

With courses such as Morton Bay Bug and Chive Dumplings, Sous Vide 68 degree Duck with Chinese Sausage and Broccoli paired with Hemingway Daiquiris, Rosé and Lychee vodka just to name a few – you won’t be disappointed at the mouth watering combinations they come up with!

To find out more, the stalking details are as follows:

Rice Paper Sister:

15 Hardware Lane Melbourne 3000
(03) 9600 4949




Wake me the f*** up, and give me $1000.

“Wake me up, then f*** me up.” She politely placed her drink order.

It was very late at night, or to some, very early in the morning. As the rumour goes, a very famous model went to a very famous bartender – next minute, The Pharmaceutical Stimulant was born! Or better known to us today as the Espresso Martini.

So thank you to Mr Dick Bradsell, and (allegedly) Naomi Campbell or Kate Moss, you no longer have to lose a drinking buddy to the dreaded words, “Mate, it’s getting a bit late. I’m knackered. Think I’ll be off.” with some hasty eye contact with the bartender, combined with some hand gestures and lip reading, your index finger and middle finger working to place the order – you’ve just solidified another hour of  friend filled drinking!

Espresso Martinis have really stepped up in Melbourne – with Eau de Vie and their masterpiece Espresso Zabaione ft. liquid nitrogen frozen saffron and vanilla mousse, to Mr Miyagi and their show stopping Cold Drip Martini; Shochu, cold drip coffee, garnished with a life changing warm sake and white chocolate foam.


Mr Miyagi – Showing it how it’s done.


There is no end to what magical possibilities open up when you explore the night teamed with your favourite spirit with a little booster of caffeine.


Eau de Vie, words cannot even describe your beauty…

It’s a magical world that really, deserves more exploration. It’s for this reason Little Drippa has decided to go on a quest to find some more dazzling libations to the sum of $1000 – yup, one. thousand. dollars. Exciting, no!?


There’s no coincidence that the age of the Enlightenment came around the exact same time coffee hit the scene, so with a bit of creativity, lets start to shed a bit of light on the bar scene, and find this revolutionary new cocktail! With a thousand reasons to be apart of the movement, it’s hard to say no really…

Enter at: http://www.littledrippacompetition.com


A night of cocktails or Netflix? …Why not both!?

Hello hello! Long time no see, my apologies. Excuses and what not, you know how it is. So! Lets jump right into things.

Right now I’m currently sitting down outside, listening to the tinny patters of rain spearing down through this 19 degree cold weather. Yesterday! However – I would’ve been shielding myself in an air conditioned room to fight off the suffocating heat of 39 degrees. Melbourne, amirite?

On the topic of Melbourne weather, let me intro you to: Melbourne Weather!


I don’t know about you, but I’m not much of a flowers person. So if I was ever to receive a gift this little box of goodies would be right up my alley! Then luckily enough, out of nowhere, this little box of goodies turned up to my work!

Sending a drink to the end of the bar to get a certain someones attention is one thing, but sending 6 drinks to someone from across the city!? This pulls right at the heart strings!

So what exactly is this magical box, and where can you acquire one? Cocktail Runner is a new up and coming mastermind that has realised the need for cocktail expertise at our front door. They go all across Melbourne, finding the top bartenders and then boxing up their skills along with all the necessary ingredient. Long were the days were you had to choose between Netflix & Chill or bar hopping – now you can have the best of both worlds!!


Just quickly, can we please observe how cute these little bottle of bitters are!? Along with possibly the most perfect limes I ever did see, this box of wonders also comes with step by step instructions as well as an inventory list to ensure you’re not missing any little novelty umbrellas.

To make the Melbourne Weather brought to you by none other than Mr David Whitehead (Venue Manager of Polly Cocktail Bar, and all round good guy) you’re given Melbourne Tea-infused Matusalem Platino Rum, limes, ginger beer, the cutest bitters ever produced and a rainbow of cocktail umbrellas.

Step by step, after pouring the ingenious concoction of rum into the Mojito glass, after layering ice and squeezes of fresh lime, you sprinkle the top with bitters, top with ginger beer – then behold! You’ve now made a Melbourne worthy signature cocktail, and your company will be thoroughly impressed!


So instead of planning an expensive night out on the town over this holiday period, why not plan a cocktail night in? With an extensive list to choose from, such as Basil Daiquiris, Espresso Martinis, one called Cookies and Whisky (hello…), and more! You can have a night in, with all your favourite people, all your favourite cocktails, and all your favourite shows!

For further information, jump onto http://www.cocktailrunner.com.au

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all!

***and if any of you manage to be surprised with one of these mystery boxes, please tag @cocktailsofmelbourne so I can see everyones amazing creations! All the curious 🙂


When life gives you a Tiki Mug, make a Chi Chi

Usually when it comes to my cocktail experimentation, I base it on the alcohol I have – or if I’m enthusiastic enough, I get a bottle and use it as my muse. This time is slightly different, my muse for this morning madness:

And yes, those are 'bamboo' straws 🎍

And yes, those are ‘bamboo’ straws 🎍

Tiki happened between Prohibition and Disco – a 40 year old trend which created some of the most delicious cocktails! So as I don’t have the usual Tiki ingredients e.g. Rum, I thought I’d research into this exciting genre a little bit more and find out what my options are.

The traditional Tiki ingredients:

What I have:
Ted the Tiki Mug
A Pineapple


Pia the Piña & Ted the Tiki just chilling.

Pia the Piña & Ted the Tiki just chilling.

What I did:


Pretty much a Piña Colada, but with Vodka instead of rum – then I made a few other adjustments. Accidentally made it healthier (if I could use coconut cream, I would’ve). However the accident made it light, just as delicious – which allows room to knock back multiple with less guilt! Let the fun times begin! (Warning: Slightly more time consuming than usual)

Where there is a will, there is a way!

Where there is a will, there is a way!

60ml Vodka
1/4 Pineapple
1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil
1 Tablespoon Dark Demerara Sugar
1/2 Banana
Cherry for Garnish

1. Cut 1/2 the pineapple into disks (removing skin), then into quarters. Put in a pan with coconut oil and sugar, cook until pineapple is golden and soft. This creates a syrup which you don’t want to throw away!
2. Cool the Pineapple in the freezer for 10-20 minutes.
3. In a Blender, put in the Vodka, banana, half the caramelized pineapple and 2 tablespoons of the syrup with a cup of ice.
4. Blend blend blend!
5. Pour into Tiki Mug of choice, or any desired vessel.
6. Garnish and enjoy!


This was more an ode to the rest of the Pineapple, which turned out to be delicious and all the refreshing! I recommend making this one into a jug and sharing the love.

Packs a Punch ... 😁

Packs a Punch … 😁

1/4 Fresh Pineapple (or 60ml Pineapple Juice)
30ml Barrel Aged Gin (I used Ransom Gin, or feel free to use box standard whatever.)
30ml Sweet Vermouth
Rosé Wine

1. If you’re using fresh pineapple like I did, blend the first three ingredients without ice – I also strained it to take the lumps out – again, bottled is easier. I think the theme I went with other than ‘Tiki’ was ‘Time Consuming’. If you’re using fresh, just build in wine glass.
2. Fill glass with ice, then top with Rose wine.
3. Ta da!

***This punch is definitely on the dry side – if you like your drinks on the sweeter side, I suggest adding grenadine 🙂

Also, apologies for my lack of posting. There will be many posts to look forward to in the next couple weeks, I promise!


How to stay in good form whilst drinking Absinthe

“Whiskey and beer are for fools; absinthe for poets;
absinthe has the power of the magicians; it can wipe out
or renew the past, and annul or foretell the future.”

Ernest 1867-1900

It’s hard to say no to a drink that is apparently magic? Even pop culture tells us a swig will consequent in Kylie Mingoue making an impromptu cameo, green glitter everywhere! So how to drink the celestial drop whilst keeping in good form? …or ‘good form’?

Okay, I may of cheated with semantics however if we were going to be technical, Absinthe is unequivocally French. If we were in France, instead of saying ‘good form’ we would say ‘le bon ton’… so to Le Bon Ton we go!

Meet Le Bon Ton! Where absinthe runs free, and half the bar is made from champagne boxes 🇫🇷

Meet Le Bon Ton! Where absinthe runs free, and half the bar is made from champagne boxes 🇫🇷

Despite my undeniable logic, Le Bon Ton isn’t actually French per se, but is orientated towards a New Orleans style bar/diner. It has a 24 hours license (which allows it to be open until 6am on weekends) has an oyster room, absinthe salon, smokehouse, cocktail bar, and my favourite – a fairy light illuminated beer garden!


Fairy lights make everything better, fact.

So what exciting cocktails can you expect!

You can expect ALL the cocktails!

You can expect ALL the cocktails!

The cocktail list is long, in depth, amazing and has something for everyone. I made sure to test this by getting a variation.

First up!

Bartender, can I please have something fruity and fun?

Meet the hurricane - which also happens to be on tap!

Meet the hurricane – which also happens to be on tap!

This one happens to be the number one best seller, thus the fact its on tap makes it all the better! Described as one of the most visible drinks if you were going to visit the French Quarter of New Orleans. The birth of this drink originates during World War II when it was so hard to import Scotch Whisky that the only way a bar could secure even just a single case from a liquor salesmen was by also purchasing as many as 50 cases of Rum! So to help shift the abundance stock, The Hurricane was created; Rum + fresh pressed citrus + passionfruit + pomegranate = Rum be gone!

Bartender, I need something with a kick.

The Le Bon Ton Martini

The Le Bon Ton Martini

If anyone has read my previous posts they will understand why this one excited me so much. Made with Dutch Courage Gin, Dry Vermouth, a splash of Manzanilla Sherry, an olive that has been stuffed with a smoked almond by hand and a novel spray of Scotch Whisky to finish off – there’s no room for disappointment.

Bartender… Can I have the peanut butter one?

My favourite, I have a weakness for milky alcoholy goodness...

My favourite, I have a weakness for milky alcoholy goodness… name: PB + Jamo

My ultimate favourite! I can enjoy my spirits neat, prefer my drinks without a mixer – but if the description contains such words as “egg-nog” or “Reese’s Peanut Butter”, I’m going to have 6 before the hours up. In full: a wintery Egg-Nog with herbal Benedictine, rich Muscat wine and Jameson Irish Whisky infused with Reese’s Peanut Butter then garnished with grated nutmeg. If I wasn’t aiming for ‘variation’ I would’ve most definitely stuck to these all night…

Bartender! I need variation before I order another PB + Jamo…

The Mojo Hannah, this one made me temporarily forget about peanut butter...

The Mojo Hannah, this one made me temporarily forget about peanut butter…

Containing Spiced Rum, fresh watermelon, white chocolate liqueur and a hint of citrus and Absinthe – it did not disappoint. Even after peanut butter egg nog, this one was like every cocktail above in one! As I said before, this place has it all!

Then what do you do when you’ve tried everything but the Kitchen Sink? You order a Kitchen Sink….

The Kitchen Sink Salad ft. Fried Chicken

The Kitchen Sink Salad ft. Fried Chicken

I can’t think of more perfect drinking food, shared among friends it tasted like Nachos but was in fact salad and if thats not enough, they possibly have the best fried chicken I’ve ever had.

To stalk it yourself:

Le Bon Ton, http://www.lebonton.com.au/ , 51 Gipps Street Collingwood


An avocado, a bottle of rum and some coffee walk into a bar….

I usually like a bit of banter, but it’s Sunday and I feel like everyone is going through the same struggle as I am.

So! I’m going to jot a couple of recipes down, you guys can have a play with them (I’d rather you have them now, then see them Monday and have to wait a week for an excuse to make them.) And we can go from there?

I promise a thesis of history, interesting facts, and bars to venture to. But as I mentioned before, it’s Sunday, and I think we’re all in struggle town. The beauty of these following pick me ups, is they ALL contain cold drip coffee, so they will pick you the f#$* up! Yes yes, it’s all pretty exciting. I’ll stop rambling now… lets do this!

Barrel Aged Gin!? & ready to go Cold Drip coffee perfected for cocktails? Yeah, it's meant to be.

Barrel Aged Gin!? & ready to go Cold Drip coffee perfected for cocktails? Yeah, it’s meant to be.

The coffee I’m using is Little Drippa Cold Drip, I’ll post more about this soon. Pretty much when it comes to making cocktails cold drip is the best for mannnnny reasons! In short:

  1. Chilled espresso gets bitter.
  2. Cold Brew is too weak
  3. Hot coffee isn’t an option
  4. Instant coffee shouldn’t touch alcohol. It’s banned in every state. Fact.

(I’ll go into more detail later, promise!)

Drum roll please!

Cold Drip Coffee Negroni!

30ml Campari
30ml Ransom Gin
30ml Sweet Vermouth
15ml Little Drippa Cold Drip Coffee
Blood orange to garnish

1. Stir all ingredients down with ice.
2. Garnish with Blood Orange
3. Enjoy!

One I prepared earlier 😏

One I prepared earlier 😏

Vietnamese Iced Coffee… ft. Vodka.

For those playing at home, yes I did float Maltesers on top. Because why not.

For those playing at home, yes I did float Maltesers on top. Because why not.

30ml Sweet & Condensed Milk
30ml Normal Milk
60ml Little Drippa Cold Drip Coffee
30ml Vodka

1. Stir together the milks together first, then pour over into a glass filled with ice.
2. Layer with coffee (I used the back of a spoon) (it helps) (a lot)
3. Then layer with vodka.
4. Then enjoy.

Then last but not least to get them hungover feels to bed and get ready for your Sunday sesh…

This taste better than ice cream. .. And I really like ice cream...

This taste better than ice cream. .. And I really like ice cream…

This is blended, so get out them nutribullets…

1/2 an avocado
2 tablespoons sweet & condensed milk
40ml Little Drippa Cold Drip Coffee
30ml Captain Morgans/ spiced rum
Mint sprig & coffee beans for garnish

  1. Add all ingredients in blender with a handful of ice.
  2. Blend! -bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
  3. Pour into fancy glass, garnish with mint sprig and coffee beans!
  4. Enjoy, and letsss get this Sunday started!!!

Recipes done!

Have a great day! Get your sip on! Til next time!


Some people do Cross Fit for strength, I prefer Dutch Courage!

What is Dutch Courage!?

  1. strength or confidence gained from drinking alcohol.
...has anyone seen Flight? I don't know about you, but if I have to drive with two hands on the wheel. So does he.

…has anyone seen Flight? I don’t know about you, but if I have to drive with two hands on the wheel – so does he.

I have many reasons why I choose Dutch Courage:

Primarily, it’s historically exciting and theoretically proven via a war that lasted 30 years – creatively named “The Thirty Year War” which was one of the longest and most destructive conflicts in European history. If drinking rum before 10am makes you a Pirate, I definitely would go as far as saying drinking gin in your waking hours makes you a seasoned soldier. Secondly, I can’t do a hand stand to save my life, so Cross Fit was never an option.

Me last Tuesday.

Me last Tuesday.

When I practise the art of Dutch Courage, I usually don’t discriminate and don’t dismiss anything with an alcohol content higher than 4%, however if you want to be historically accurate, Dutch Gin also known as jenever or genièvre is the way to go.

Jenever which translates as Juniper was well known as the medical cure for many health concerns back in the day, including The Black Plague which claimed over 25 million lives… to think, if they only had more gin…

Notes to take home:

  1. Gin will give you the strength of a warrior without having to sign up to a gym.
  2. It’s a superfood – never heard goji berries or kale helping cure the bubonic plague.
  3. It’s delicious.

So imagine my delight when I went out to get a bottle of gin to experiment with and found this handsome number:

When life just works...

When life just works…

Oh yeah, I got excited.

So how should you prepare your dose of Dutch Courage? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Some Ginspiration

White lady


I’m sure this is what the soldiers strolled into battle with…

45ml Gin
15ml Triple Sec (I’m using Peach Schnapps.)
30ml Lemon Juice
10ml Sugar Syrup (I went with 5ml agave)
1 egg white

  1. Add all ingredients into shaker (or nutribullet) without ice, shake (or blend) until fluffy, then add ice momentarily to chill.
  2. Double strain into coupette.
  3. Enjoy!

Southside Fizz

Can't go 5 posts without a fancy mason jar cocktail ;) #thepeerpressuresofsociety

Can’t go 5 posts without a fancy mason jar cocktail 😉 #thepeerpressuresofsociety

60ml Gin
30ml Lime Juice
15ml Sugar Syrup
7 Mint Leaves ***
Soda Water

  1. Put Gin, lime, & sugar syrup in a shaker. Shake-shake-shake!
  2. Get the mint leaves, clap to allow the minty freshness to exude, then add to shaker. Don’t shake-shake-shake, instead, stir briskly.
  3. Top with soda!
  4. Garnish with mint, and look down at your masterpiece in sheer awe and enjoy!

*** I don’t like shaking mint because I find it makes cocktails bitter. Little experiment to decide for yourself: put a mint leaf on your tongue and you’ll taste a minty sweetness, then bite the leaf and taste how bitter it gets. You’re welcome.

Happy sipping and enjoy your long weekend Melbourne peeps! For everyone else, happy Friday!


For goodness saké! … 酒

There’s nothing I enjoy more than when customers pronounce Pinot Noir [pee-not no-ear], chipotle [chip-pot-ool] or Tempranillo [temp-rah-nillll-low]. (if this confuses you, click the words for general enlightenment.)

Word of the day!

Saké ! or 酒? [Sah-kay] ?

Such a happy little sake! Them sake eyes… How can you resist!?

Okay, I might fall in the realm of customers on this one, but I have tried my best to decipher and learn enough to share some interesting fun facts, cocktails and bars!

Ask for sake anywhere, and you’ll get sake, ask for sake in Japan, and you’ll get anything. Sake is in fact just a japanese word for ‘alcohol’, so if you want the specific liquid goodness I’ll be referring to, they say nihonshu – which means ‘Japanese alcohol’. Interesting fact, but this blogs focus is slowly seeming like a language lesson, so lets digress…to maths.

Polishing is the process whereby they mill the rice grain to reveal its starchy core. The more the grain has been polished, theoretically the better the sake! Most sakes are polished between 50-70%, in easier words: If it says 60%, than means 40% of the kernel was polished away leaving only 60%

Junmai type = Less Polishing (70%) = Richer & Deeper Flavour

Ginjo type = More Polishing (50%) = Cleaner & Aromatic Flavour

*Although Junmai is associated with less polishing, it also refers to pure rice/no additive sake. So you can also have Junmai Ginjo, which means higher polished pure rice sake… I won’t lie, I’m just as confused as you are.

Just like wine, there is a plethora of types of sake! Ones which you should stay away from reffered to as table sake (Futsushu) where the rice polishing can be as low as 93%… to Daiginjo/Junmai Daiginjo which is super premium sake.

If the above didn’t lose you and want to read more, click here for a full 101 on Sake.

Now that the English and Mathematics is out of the way, lets get to the fun bits!

My all time favourite sake cocktails

MR Miyagi

Mr Miyagi

Cold Drip Martini – Cold drip coffee, Shochu, Sake & White Chocolate foam… #whatdreamsaremadeof

Tokyo tina

Thundercat Martini - Belvedere Vodka, Junmai Sake Plum Bitters, Orange Blossom Water & Pickled Ginger 🍶👌

Thundercat Martini – Belvedere Vodka, Junmai Sake
Plum Bitters, Orange Blossom Water & Pickled Ginger 🍶👌

Not quite sake but still delicious

Cucumber & Yuzu Sour - Belvedere Vodka, Elderflower, Yuzu, Cucumber, Honey. All. The. Delicious!

Cucumber & Yuzu Sour –
Belvedere Vodka, Elderflower, Yuzu, Cucumber, Honey. All. The. Delicious!

MY wish list

Sashimitini! Gin with ginger liqueur garnished with sashimi. Yes, Sashimi. & again, maybe this one doesn't quite contain sake. But. Sashimi. It has. Sashimi. That is all.

Gin with ginger liqueur garnished with sashimi. Yes, Sashimi. & again, maybe this one doesn’t quite contain sake. But. Sashimi. It has. Sashimi. That is all.

closing words on sake

Sake, I feel, doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Kind of like soup, always underrated, but never disappointing. I tried to point out the versatility and quality of sake to my friend the other day who didn’t seem sold. That or he was just tired from the gym. Naturally, I grabbed his protein shake and turned it into a sake cocktail to prove a point:

A symphony of premixed chocolate protein shake, sake, and salted caramel ice cream. Yeah... I went there... 🍦

A symphony of premixed chocolate protein shake, sake, and salted caramel ice cream. Yeah… I went there… 🍦

After he got over the fact I used ice cream to garnish his protein shake (it was Skinny Cow, which is diet ice cream… I may of pretended it was sugar free… but really… come on…) he tasted it and was super surprised at it’s deliciousness. Sake and chocolate go together like bacon and eggs, or popcorn and butter, or cereal and baileys.

Long story short, go to your local bottle shop and start experimenting! This stuffs going to be the new Gin in your tonic, and for anyone who can post a good sake sangria recipe – I’ll be giving out stickers.


Morning Sunshine! So I accidentally got my mum drunk.

I woke up this morning, walked to the fridge and stared into the chilled pantry deciding on what to forage for breakfast. The first thing that caught my eye was what I assume was a Sour Cherry jam? It’s in Greek… and as you will soon learn, I’m not.

Sour Cherry... Jam.

Sour Cherry… Jam.

I’m not sure if it was the word ‘sour’, or my dipsomania, but my first thought was …

“That… would make a cracking rum sour…”

So, as any normal person would do, I tested that theory immediately. I got out the eggs, which I thought justified the fact I was making a cocktail before 10:30am – some people like their eggs scrambled, some poached, personally I’m happy having them in a sour. I grabbed a lemon, looked at the spirits I had around me, and played bartender.

The characters in my play.

The characters in my play.

A quick tip for making the perfect sour at home – NutriBullet. If you don’t have a boston shaker (refer to previous article for example) you can either use it as a shaker, or just blend it and you have the fluffiest of cocktails which, according to the ads, also transforms into a superfood.


For those playing at home:

Sour Cherry Rum Sour

As this was made quite early in the morning, I didn’t quite want to drink it. Mainly as I was so excited about it I wanted to write about it straight away, and when my fingers become tipsy that gets a little hard. So naturally I gave it to my mum, her rave review will follow. Also the only reason I added the salted caramel vodka (other than its delicious), is to add sweetness and a ‘depth of flavour’, however you can just replace it with extra agave.

Definitely a morning pick-me-up.

Definitely a morning pick-me-up.

45ml Angostura Caribbean Rum (5yo)
30ml Stoli Salted Caramel
1 tspn Sour Cherry ‘Jam’
1 tspn Agave Syrup
1/2 lemon (juiced)
1 Egg white

  1. Put all ingredients into shaker/nutribullet. If your going the superfood route, you may need to shake it a little first before blending to ensure the syrups aren’t stuck.
  2. Blend! Or shake, and if you’re shaking, dry shake (which means without ice), and you can also pat yourself on the back for getting your morning cardio out of the way. See, this cocktail just gets healthier and healthier!
  3. Fill a short glass with ice, pour in the delicious fluffy mixture and garnish with more sour cherries.
  4. Enjoy!

So a fun fact, my mum was born in Germany, specifically in the Black Forest region – thus I thought her review was a little bit cute. Also that she said this to me via facebook messenger even though she was only a room away, and they say its the kids that are bad… so this is word for word – cntrl+c, cntrl+v =

“lovely balance of creaminess sourness and alcohol that makes it hard to realize how strong the drink is.. I am lost in the Black Forrest.. ..if you suck the essence out of all the best Black Forrest Cake you have ever imbibed .. this cocktail is what you would hope to get..”

Haha cute, no!?

Anyway! Hope everyone has the loveliest of days!





***A few things I would like to add, as I haven’t really given anything away about myself other than the fact I may or may not like alcohol a bit too much and I’m currently in a salted caramel phase. I’m a bartender/bar manager/bar consultant (click here for evidence 😉 ) who loves the beauty and personality of alcohol. I think currently there’s been two things happening which I don’t like, the over complication of alcohol and the demonisation of it. I also study Public Health and Health Promotion majoring in Nutrition so am well aware of what alcohol does, but I also believe life should be lived in moderation, you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously, and you’re only here once so make sure to have a good time. I’ll save this for another post, or put it in the About Me (once I get around to making one) but all I’m saying is you don’t have to be a ‘mixologist’ to make a cocktail or a sommelier to enjoy wine, and don’t let a diet fad stop you from having fun. The moment I’m serving a customer who says they need a non-alcoholic option on their birthday because alcohol doesn’t fit into their #paleo regime, is the day I lose all faith in humanity. 

“In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is Freedom, in water there is bacteria.”
― Benjamin Franklin