When life gives you a Tiki Mug, make a Chi Chi

Usually when it comes to my cocktail experimentation, I base it on the alcohol I have – or if I’m enthusiastic enough, I get a bottle and use it as my muse. This time is slightly different, my muse for this morning madness:

And yes, those are 'bamboo' straws 🎍

And yes, those are ‘bamboo’ straws 🎍

Tiki happened between Prohibition and Disco – a 40 year old trend which created some of the most delicious cocktails! So as I don’t have the usual Tiki ingredients e.g. Rum, I thought I’d research into this exciting genre a little bit more and find out what my options are.

The traditional Tiki ingredients:

What I have:
Ted the Tiki Mug
A Pineapple


Pia the Piña & Ted the Tiki just chilling.

Pia the Piña & Ted the Tiki just chilling.

What I did:


Pretty much a Piña Colada, but with Vodka instead of rum – then I made a few other adjustments. Accidentally made it healthier (if I could use coconut cream, I would’ve). However the accident made it light, just as delicious – which allows room to knock back multiple with less guilt! Let the fun times begin! (Warning: Slightly more time consuming than usual)

Where there is a will, there is a way!

Where there is a will, there is a way!

60ml Vodka
1/4 Pineapple
1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil
1 Tablespoon Dark Demerara Sugar
1/2 Banana
Cherry for Garnish

1. Cut 1/2 the pineapple into disks (removing skin), then into quarters. Put in a pan with coconut oil and sugar, cook until pineapple is golden and soft. This creates a syrup which you don’t want to throw away!
2. Cool the Pineapple in the freezer for 10-20 minutes.
3. In a Blender, put in the Vodka, banana, half the caramelized pineapple and 2 tablespoons of the syrup with a cup of ice.
4. Blend blend blend!
5. Pour into Tiki Mug of choice, or any desired vessel.
6. Garnish and enjoy!


This was more an ode to the rest of the Pineapple, which turned out to be delicious and all the refreshing! I recommend making this one into a jug and sharing the love.

Packs a Punch ... 😁

Packs a Punch … 😁

1/4 Fresh Pineapple (or 60ml Pineapple Juice)
30ml Barrel Aged Gin (I used Ransom Gin, or feel free to use box standard whatever.)
30ml Sweet Vermouth
Rosé Wine

1. If you’re using fresh pineapple like I did, blend the first three ingredients without ice – I also strained it to take the lumps out – again, bottled is easier. I think the theme I went with other than ‘Tiki’ was ‘Time Consuming’. If you’re using fresh, just build in wine glass.
2. Fill glass with ice, then top with Rose wine.
3. Ta da!

***This punch is definitely on the dry side – if you like your drinks on the sweeter side, I suggest adding grenadine 🙂

Also, apologies for my lack of posting. There will be many posts to look forward to in the next couple weeks, I promise!



How to stay in good form whilst drinking Absinthe

“Whiskey and beer are for fools; absinthe for poets;
absinthe has the power of the magicians; it can wipe out
or renew the past, and annul or foretell the future.”

Ernest 1867-1900

It’s hard to say no to a drink that is apparently magic? Even pop culture tells us a swig will consequent in Kylie Mingoue making an impromptu cameo, green glitter everywhere! So how to drink the celestial drop whilst keeping in good form? …or ‘good form’?

Okay, I may of cheated with semantics however if we were going to be technical, Absinthe is unequivocally French. If we were in France, instead of saying ‘good form’ we would say ‘le bon ton’… so to Le Bon Ton we go!

Meet Le Bon Ton! Where absinthe runs free, and half the bar is made from champagne boxes 🇫🇷

Meet Le Bon Ton! Where absinthe runs free, and half the bar is made from champagne boxes 🇫🇷

Despite my undeniable logic, Le Bon Ton isn’t actually French per se, but is orientated towards a New Orleans style bar/diner. It has a 24 hours license (which allows it to be open until 6am on weekends) has an oyster room, absinthe salon, smokehouse, cocktail bar, and my favourite – a fairy light illuminated beer garden!


Fairy lights make everything better, fact.

So what exciting cocktails can you expect!

You can expect ALL the cocktails!

You can expect ALL the cocktails!

The cocktail list is long, in depth, amazing and has something for everyone. I made sure to test this by getting a variation.

First up!

Bartender, can I please have something fruity and fun?

Meet the hurricane - which also happens to be on tap!

Meet the hurricane – which also happens to be on tap!

This one happens to be the number one best seller, thus the fact its on tap makes it all the better! Described as one of the most visible drinks if you were going to visit the French Quarter of New Orleans. The birth of this drink originates during World War II when it was so hard to import Scotch Whisky that the only way a bar could secure even just a single case from a liquor salesmen was by also purchasing as many as 50 cases of Rum! So to help shift the abundance stock, The Hurricane was created; Rum + fresh pressed citrus + passionfruit + pomegranate = Rum be gone!

Bartender, I need something with a kick.

The Le Bon Ton Martini

The Le Bon Ton Martini

If anyone has read my previous posts they will understand why this one excited me so much. Made with Dutch Courage Gin, Dry Vermouth, a splash of Manzanilla Sherry, an olive that has been stuffed with a smoked almond by hand and a novel spray of Scotch Whisky to finish off – there’s no room for disappointment.

Bartender… Can I have the peanut butter one?

My favourite, I have a weakness for milky alcoholy goodness...

My favourite, I have a weakness for milky alcoholy goodness… name: PB + Jamo

My ultimate favourite! I can enjoy my spirits neat, prefer my drinks without a mixer – but if the description contains such words as “egg-nog” or “Reese’s Peanut Butter”, I’m going to have 6 before the hours up. In full: a wintery Egg-Nog with herbal Benedictine, rich Muscat wine and Jameson Irish Whisky infused with Reese’s Peanut Butter then garnished with grated nutmeg. If I wasn’t aiming for ‘variation’ I would’ve most definitely stuck to these all night…

Bartender! I need variation before I order another PB + Jamo…

The Mojo Hannah, this one made me temporarily forget about peanut butter...

The Mojo Hannah, this one made me temporarily forget about peanut butter…

Containing Spiced Rum, fresh watermelon, white chocolate liqueur and a hint of citrus and Absinthe – it did not disappoint. Even after peanut butter egg nog, this one was like every cocktail above in one! As I said before, this place has it all!

Then what do you do when you’ve tried everything but the Kitchen Sink? You order a Kitchen Sink….

The Kitchen Sink Salad ft. Fried Chicken

The Kitchen Sink Salad ft. Fried Chicken

I can’t think of more perfect drinking food, shared among friends it tasted like Nachos but was in fact salad and if thats not enough, they possibly have the best fried chicken I’ve ever had.

To stalk it yourself:

Le Bon Ton, http://www.lebonton.com.au/ , 51 Gipps Street Collingwood