Wake me the f*** up, and give me $1000.

“Wake me up, then f*** me up.” She politely placed her drink order.

It was very late at night, or to some, very early in the morning. As the rumour goes, a very famous model went to a very famous bartender – next minute, The Pharmaceutical Stimulant was born! Or better known to us today as the Espresso Martini.

So thank you to Mr Dick Bradsell, and (allegedly) Naomi Campbell or Kate Moss, you no longer have to lose a drinking buddy to the dreaded words, “Mate, it’s getting a bit late. I’m knackered. Think I’ll be off.” with some hasty eye contact with the bartender, combined with some hand gestures and lip reading, your index finger and middle finger working to place the order – you’ve just solidified another hour of  friend filled drinking!

Espresso Martinis have really stepped up in Melbourne – with Eau de Vie and their masterpiece Espresso Zabaione ft. liquid nitrogen frozen saffron and vanilla mousse, to Mr Miyagi and their show stopping Cold Drip Martini; Shochu, cold drip coffee, garnished with a life changing warm sake and white chocolate foam.


Mr Miyagi – Showing it how it’s done.


There is no end to what magical possibilities open up when you explore the night teamed with your favourite spirit with a little booster of caffeine.


Eau de Vie, words cannot even describe your beauty…

It’s a magical world that really, deserves more exploration. It’s for this reason Little Drippa has decided to go on a quest to find some more dazzling libations to the sum of $1000 – yup, one. thousand. dollars. Exciting, no!?


There’s no coincidence that the age of the Enlightenment came around the exact same time coffee hit the scene, so with a bit of creativity, lets start to shed a bit of light on the bar scene, and find this revolutionary new cocktail! With a thousand reasons to be apart of the movement, it’s hard to say no really…

Enter at: http://www.littledrippacompetition.com



Four reasons to swap your single origin piccolo latte (You’re welcome)

Muharam Cafe, Little Drippa Espresso Martini w/ Pistachio, Goji & Dark Chocolate coated marshmallow.

Muharam Cafe, Little Drippa Espresso Martini w/ Pistachio, Goji & Dark Chocolate coated marshmallow.

As cafes have now become the foundation of every social catch up, business meeting, hipster office and instagram post – your drink order has become more important than ever. If god forbid you accidentally forget to ask from what region your single origin cold drip coffee comes from before ordering, you may be mistaken for as lazy.

But as you read that last sentence, I think we both know that is a load of sh..ugar. The reality is no one really cares. We order for the caffeinated buzz, and not the slight sharpness of plum undertones brought on only by arabica beans harvested on a full moon 16.3kms from the equator.

So! On that note, here a four lovely venues to get your morning going!

|| Espresso Martinis

Espresso Martinis are in fact as equally balanced in stimulant & depressant as the yin and yang tattoo on your baristas forearm. So if you wanted to have a truly productive morning, I suggest you skip your yoga class and order one of these and I personally guarantee a morning of socialising, self-awareness, and brainstorming (which from experience may lead to you and your best friend drunkenly booking a trip to Europe…) Passports at the ready!

Dr Morse Bar & Eatery

274 Johnston Street, Abbotsford, www.drmorse.com.au

Oscar Cooper

160 Greville Street, Prahran, www.oscarcooper.com.au

St Ali

12-18 Yarra Place, South Melbourne, www.stali.com.au


97 Burwood road, Hawthorn, www.muharam.com.au

Detailed photos and reviews to come in due time…